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ive economic and social progress. He wants more research to improve the country's ability to forecast disasters and carry out effective relief.T

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hey are the scientific engine of t

he nation's modernization drive.The nation's most

prestigious scientists and engineers

have gathered for the biennial conference of the

Chinese Academy of Sciences and th

e Chinese Academy of Engineering. And this special

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▓event is also joined by Chi

na's top leaders. Preside▓nt Hu Jintao addressed the opening session on behal▓f of the Central government.He reviewed the two Acade▓mies' crucial role in the opening-up and modernizatio▓n drive, and their contrib

ution to relief work after▓ the Sichuan earthquake.President Hu Jintao said, "Since Ch▓ina's reform and opening up began 30 years ago, China has been a leader among developing countries in the overa▓ll development of science and technology. In

some fields ▓it has reached

top world-class levels. The development▓ of science and technology has provided a solid foundation f▓or China's economic growth, social progress, improved living standards and national security. This is due to support fr

om the Party and the government, and the consistent efforts and hard work of all those who devote themselves to scientific and technological work. "Hu Jintao said▓ innovative development of science and tec